Lexi Alexander Says She Wouldn't Direct 'Wonder Woman'

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With the chorus becoming louder and louder for women to be given the same shot as their male counterparts when it comes participating in blockbuster filmmaking (not to mention in other industry roles long dominated by the boys' club), Lexi Alexander has proven to be one of the loudest voices pushing for change. Ranked on our 10 Female Directors Who Deserve More Attention From Hollywood, you might think the "Punisher: War Zone" filmmaker would be at least intrigued by the news that Warner Bros. are looking for a woman to helm their developing "Wonder Woman" picture. But Alexander has a different perspective on the matter.

“Imagine the weight on my shoulders,” she told Fast Company. “How many male superhero movies fail? So now, we finally get Wonder Woman with a female director, imagine if it fails. And you have no control over marketing, over budget. So without any control, you carry the fucking weight of gender equality for both characters and women directors. No way.

“People always say, ‘fuck Hollywood. Do your own thing.’ Or they say ‘women do so well in documentaries and independent film, why don’t they stay there?’ You cannot make a living doing independent films," she added. "And maybe there’s a girl out there who wants to do 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek' or 'Pan’s Labyrinth.' Are we saying she shouldn’t be able to do that?”


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