Iron Man and Sub-Mariner (1968) #1, April 1968 Issue - Marvel Comics

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner (1968) #1, April 1968 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade Fine

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1st printing.

This comic book is in used condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has very few flaws that warrant a Fine grade.

Note: Spine creasing. Rounded corners. Cover has been stamped. Pencil writing on back cover. Rough right edge.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Roy Thomas and Archie Goodwin stories. Gene Colan, Johnny Craig, and Frank Giacoia art. Cover by Colan and Bill Everett.

Iron Man is magnetically bound to a table in the lower hull of a Maggia gambling ship. An overhead laser beam threatens to slice him in half. He manages to pull a recharge cable from one his side-pods and short circuits the electrical systems operating both the table and the laser.

Simultaneously, agents of A.I.M. board the cruise ship and raid the gambling den. Big M orders Whiplash to deal with them. Avoiding enemy fire, Whiplash manages to keep the A.I.M. agents at bay with his whip. As everything erupts into chaos, Jasper Sitwell dives behind a poker table and tries to stay out of sight. Big M and Whiplash eventually retreat and seal themselves inside of a special chamber.

- Marvel Comics

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