Marvel Tops Comic Book Sales in 2014

Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man #1, which saw the return of Peter Parker to the title - after the whole, wonderful, Dr Octopus diversion - was the biggest selling comic of 2014, according to Previews, and the biggest selling comic of the last decade.

Marvel scored nine of the top ten slots, with only The Walking Dead #132 spoiling their otherwise clean sheet.

DC's highest selling title was Batman #32, penultimate chapter of  Zero Year, which came in 14th place.

The best selling graphic novel was Saga, Volume 3, and DC Collectibles' The New 52: Justice League Action Figure Seven-Pack Boxed Set, was the best-selling toy product to specialty retailers in 2014.

In stark contrast to the comic book charts, DC Collectibles held 50 per cent of the top ten slots for toy sales.

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