Physicist builds Star Trek ‘Warp Drive’ in his garage

From Yahoo! News

Nebraskan Star Trek fan claims he can already ‘warp space’ and move objects forward using array he has built in his garage

A three-pound weight hanging in a frame shifts forward gently in an electrical field generated by a V-shaped motor array - and its creator claims this is the first step towards a real, working Star Trek Warp Drive.

David Pares of the University of Nebraska at Omaha claims that his low-power array (it uses just 100 watts, and is housed in his garage) “compresses the fabric of space.”

If true, it would be a gigantic leap forward for propulsion systems - and potentially the first step on Man’s journey to other star systems.

Others claim that the system (where the weight is electronically isolated inside a Faraday cage) is not compressing space at all, but air.


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