Firefly Or Serenity? The Choice Is Yours!

From QMx

You asked – and we're delivering.

When we first announced our Serenity Hull Art Artisan Replica based on the Firefly TV series version of the iconic transport ship (right), fans went wild. The hand-painted, hand-finished piece — made of aircraft-grade aluminum - looks literally like a chip off the old boat. Lots of folks immediately signed up on our waiting list.

There's plenty of love for the Firefly version, several variants of which were created for the show. But probably the most remembered version, and the one many Browncoats asked for after we announced this Hull Art Replica, is the one Inara personally paints in Serenity. So we've added that version as an option as well.

That's the beauty of handmade artisan products: Our U.S.-based team can respond quickly to your feedback!

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