Detective Comics #38 - April 1940 Issue - DC Comics

From View Obscura Comics

1995 Blockbuster Video Edition, Reprint 1st Robin appearance from Detective Comics #38.

$9.99 USD - Order Here

Cover art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. Batman story, script by Bill Finger, pencils by Bob Kane, inks by Jerry Robinson.

When the owner of a traveling circus, named Mr. Haly, is confronted by thugs, they ask Mr. Haly to pay a "fine." He refuses to pay. His bestselling attraction, Flying Graysons, are killed "accidentally" while performing that night. The Graysons' young son, Dick, overhears an incriminating conversation between Blade, the killer, and his employer Boss Zucco. Dick plans to call the police. But Batman, who has attended at the show as the millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, takes in Dick Grayson, instead of immediately pursuing the thugs. Batman trains Dick Grayson, already an excellent acrobat, how to become a crime-fighter. When a period of training is over, Dick is given a red, green, and yellow costume and adopts the identity of Robin, the Boy Wonder. Dick debuts as Batman's sidekick, and the dynamic duo hunt down the extortion gang, and their leader, Boss Zucco. Zucco's new plan is to demolish a skyscraper construction site (the Canin Building), but Robin and Batman defeat the gang in a dangerous battle on the high girders, during which Robin uses a sling to knock one thug off a steel beam and kicks a second gunman off another girder. Zucco is photographed by Robin in the act of pushing Blade to his death; this evidence is given to the police, leading to Zucco's conviction for murder. In the end, Robin swears to be Batman's partner forever.


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