Justice League of America #81, June 1970 Issue - DC Comics

From View Obscura Comics

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Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Neal Adams. Plague of the Galactic Jest-Master, script by Denny O'Neil, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Joe Giella

Continued from last issue.... As Hawkman and the Atom resume their mission to Thanagar to find a cure for the insane Jane Loring, the cosmic menace known as Jest-Master (who brings insanity wherever he goes) is en route to Thanagar as well. When the two heroes make a stop at a Thanagarian space station they are greeted by the soldiers stationed there. Suddenly the soldiers (due to Jest-Master's proximity to the station) go mad and begin attacking Hawkman and soon the two heroes also lose their sanity. Aboard the vessel, the Thanagarian criminal Norch Lor remarks about how this is the doomsday prophecy that he learned of and attempted to capture people's souls for.

On the planet Oa, the Guardians of the Universe learn of the Jest-Master's menace and attempt to contact the Green Lantern, who is out travelling America with the Green Arrow. Unable to reach the Emerald Crusader, they advise the Justice League of the danger instead. Superman then takes Batman, Flash and Black Canary out into space to help their friends. Arriving at the Thanagarian space station, they have to fight both the Atom and Hawkman until the two snap out of their temporary insanity. While contemplating how to deal with a menace that can make them go totally insane, they notice that Jest-Master's insanity had the opposite effect on Jean Loring. When they send the Flash to penetrate the energy membrane around Jest-Master's ship the Scarlet Speedster learns that whoever crosses into the energy field goes insane as long as they are inside.

Realizing that Jean is the only one who could enter the field and maintain her sanity, the JLA members tie themselves to her and have her guide them into the ship. While Jean and the Atom keep the mentally unstable Jest-Master occupied the rest of the Justice League overcome the onslaught of insanity and easily defeat the Jest-Master and his troops. In the aftermath of the battle Jean Loring begins to cry as she realizes that the whole ordeal has cured her of her insanity. - DC Comics

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