Macross #1, December 1984 Issue - Comico

Macross #1, December 1984 Issue - Comico - Grade Fine

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Script and editing by Carl Macek. Pencils by Svea Stauch. Inks, colors & production by Phil Lasorda & Gerry Giovinco, with Vince Argondezzi & Dotty Linberg.

Robotech comics first officially appeared in print in 1985, though Comico published the first issue of its license from Harmony Gold USA under the Macross name.

When Harmony Gold was releasing the first few episodes of its original Macross dub in 1984, it was discovered that Revell already had a Robotech Defenders line of scale model kits that included the transformable Macross mecha. The potential for brand confusion caused concern that Harmony Gold would have problems selling its own transformable Macross toys. Fortunately, Harmony Gold and Revell were able to come to a co-licensing agreement — when producer Carl Macek had the idea to combine Macross with Southern Cross and Mospeada to create an 85-episode television series, he chose to use Revell's pre-existing Robotech name and logo to strengthen the title's brand recognition.

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