The Flash First Look: Atom-Smasher Crashes Barry's Big Day, Wells Returns

From Yahoo! TV

It’s his Flash Day, and Barry will cry if he wants to.

OK, the speedster isn’t unleashing any of his impressive waterworks in these first photos from the CW hit’s Season 2 premiere (Oct. 6 at 8/7c), but a celebration in his honor does get a rude interruption from Atom-Smasher (Haven star and former WWE Superstar Adam Copeland).

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Good thing Barry has some friends, including Joe and Cisco, in the crowd to help save the day — but not before the hero gets a brutal beating, it seems.

Also featured in the gallery below: Iris at S.T.A.R. Labs, newlyweds Caitlin and Ronnie, Captain Cold and Heat Wave stirring up trouble, and Tom Cavanagh making his return as Harrison Wells (or at least that’s what the photo caption says).

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