Osaka Sees Record Visitors In Fiscal 2015

by Armand Vaquer

Osaka Castle is best-known to Godzilla fans as the final battle site between Godzilla and Anguirus in Godzilla Raids Again (1955) (a.k.a. Gigantis The Fire Monster).

It appears Denise, Aiden and I added to the record number of visitors to Osaka Castle last October, in our small way. 

Kyodo News reported:
The number of visitors to Osaka Castle in western Japan has set a new record in fiscal 2015 mainly due to a rise in foreign visitors, its operator said Monday. 
The previous record was 2,124,790 people set in fiscal 1983, when an event was held to mark the 400th anniversary of the original castle's construction. The number of visitors surpassed the previous record Saturday ahead of the current fiscal year's end on March 31, the operator said.
Above, Denise and Aiden in front of Osaka Castle. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

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