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Avengers #13, February 1965 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G

The Avengers prevent the Maggia from commiting another crime. Count Nefaria decides he needs to put the Avengers out of action. As no one knows he is the leader of the Maggia, he holds a party in his castle and invites the Avengers. While they sleep after the party Nefaria makes copies of each of the Avengers who he commands to declare war on the United States. When the real Avengers leave the party they are attacked by the Army. They discover what has happened and pursue and battle Nefaria, getting evidence from him that proves their innocence. However, in the battle, the Wasp is critically injured.

Adventure Comics #291 - December 1961 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G/VG

When Superboy declares that his “ideal woman” is Cleopatra, Lana Lang pretends to be the Egyptian princess herself, yanked through time and space by an invention of her uncle, Professor Phineas Potter. But Superboy detects Lana’s imposture and takes her back to ancient Egypt for an adventure with the real Cleopatra.

Avengers #21, Octoboer 1965 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G

Erik Josten, an agent for Baron Zemo before he died, returns to the machinery used to create Wonder Man. There he finds the Enchantress, who tells him she will use the machine to make him strong too. He agrees and is given the name "Power Man". The Enchantress then creates a number of illusions around the city that make the Avengers seem dangerous when they accidentally destroy property and endanger lives. Captain America then tries to subdue Power Man as he attacks men with important documents, only to find out that the men were imposters trying to steal them. Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are also caught with similar traps. The Avengers believe themselves to be nuisances and are ordered by the authorities to disband.

Tales Of Suspense #56, August 1964 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G/VG

Lamenting about the state of his life, Iron Man trashes his lab in a fit of rage. He decides to stop being Iron Man and to spend what's left of his life focused on his millonaire playboy lifestyle. Tony starts arranging a date when the Avengers call Stark Industries looking for Iron Man to deal with a new threat that they were too busy to handle. However, Stark simply tells them that Iron Man was sent away for "a long vacation."

Forbidden Worlds #143, May 1967 Issue - ACGl Comics - Grade G

Forbidden Worlds was a fantasy comic from the American Comics Group, which won the 1964 Alley Award for Best Regularly Published Fantasy Comic. It published 145 issues between July/August 1951 to August 1967.

Avengers #21, January 1968 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G/VG

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are held captive by Magneto, but Quicksilver manages to send a distress signal. Hercules continues to search deserted Olympus for clues. Hawkeye, Goliath and the Wasp receive the distress call. Meanwhile, deciding to use his uncle's inventions for good, Dane Whitman becomes the new Black Knight. He goes to the Avengers to help them, but mistaking him for evil, they attack. Dane becomes angry when they do not believe him, so he flies off on his own.

Green Lantern #52 - April 1967 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G

After reading a letter from Hal Jordan, Pieface pulls out his Green Lantern case book and recounts a previously untold story: Sometime before Hal left Coast City, he was visited by Alan Scott from Earth-Two, who has come for Doiby Dickles's car Goitrude to bring to Doiby to commemorate the first year anniversary of his marriage with Princess Peril. Going to Hal's garage to retrieve the car, the two men are shocked to find that Goitrude has been stolen.

Adventure Comics #283 - April 1961 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G/VG

A cache of Kryptonian weapons, including a Phantom Zone Projector, falls to Earth. Superboy learns of the Phantom Zone’s existence and how Kryptonian criminals were sent into it by a mental playback device in a helmet from the weapons cache. A lizard accidentally triggers the projector and sends Superboy into the Phantom Zone, but he manages to telekinetically write a message to Jonathan Kent on an electric typewriter. Jonathan finds the projector and releases Superboy from the Zone.

Avengers #49, February 1968 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG

Hercules is attacked by Typhon, the cause of Olympus' desertion. Meanwhile, Quicksilver pretends to ally himself with Magneto, they travel to the U.N. and demand that the mutants of the world should be given a nation of their own. The Avengers attack and the Scarlet Witch accidentally gets shot, driving Quicksilver into a frenzy and making him join with Magneto for real. They then leave. Meanwhile, back in Olympus, Hercules is beaten and sent to another world by Typhon.

Avengers #60, January 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG

The wedding of the Wasp and Yellowjacket in "...Till Death Do Us Part!" Part 2 of 2. Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by John Buscema. Inks by Mike Esposito (as Mickey Demeo). Cover by John Buscema and George Klein (with alterations by John Romita).

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