Rare Superman Comic Book Goes Up For Auction

Action Comics #28 - September 1940 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VG

View Obscura Comics is proud to announce the auction of our copy of the ultra rare "Action Comics #28, September 1940 Issue". As most of you know pre World War II comic books are very hard to find and come up for auction only once in a blue moon. We are very honored to be able to provide collectors an opportunity to own a very important part of comic book history.

(Starting bid: $500)

Place Your Bid Now Before It's Gone!

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Action Comics #28 - September 1940 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VG

1st printing.

This comic book is in used condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has flaws that warrant a VG grade.

Note: Cover attached with tape (full length of spine)

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Superman, Pep Morgan, Black Pirate (art by Sheldon Moldoff), Three Aces, Tex Thompson (art by Bernard Baily), Clip Carson (art by Moldoff), and Zatara (art by Fred Guardineer). Full-page ads for Superman # 6 and Supermen of America fan club. Half-page ads for New York World's Fair Comics (1940), the Superman radio show, and All Star Comics # 1 and Mutt & Jeff (# 2?).

A series of robberies occurs around Metropolis. Each witness describes the suspect as a muscular strong-man wearing a leopard skin leotard. Daily Planet editor George Taylor sends Clark and Lois out to cover the story. While walking the city streets, Lois spots a billboard advertising a circus that just rolled into town. The main attraction: Herculo, the strong man, who wore a leopard print just like the strong-arm bandit...

The two reporters meet with Mr. Jenkins, the circus owner. He lets Clark and Lois sit in on a show as they talk about the thefts. Jenkins admits that he himself has suspected Herculo, since every town the circus has been to have had similar incidents. Nevertheless, he brings Clark and Lois to meet Herculo, with Clark faking pain as the strong-man squeezes his hand in greeting. Herculo attempts to woo Miss Lane by boasting that he is the strongest man around, which Lois shoots down by saying that Superman could best him any day. Herculo says that he'd challenge this Superman guy to a test of strength, and his friend the circus clown offers to play ref if that ever happens. Clark goes to buy some tickets from Jenkins to give away to some orphaned kids, letting Lois deal with her muscle headed admirer. Once he is out of sight of everyone, Clark secretly sprinkles a fine powder over some bills, a precaution that may help catch the thief later. On their way out of the circus, Lois and Clark come face to masked face with the strong-arm bandit, who grabs the wad of cash out of Clark's hand and runs off. Lois is disgusted with Clark's lack of spine and storms off alone.

Later that same day, Clark and Lois return to the circus accompanied by children from the Metropolis Orphanage to see the show. While Lois and the kids watch the show, Clark slips away to change into Superman. Herculo and the clown are preparing for the show in their tent. Superman uses his X-Ray vision to eavesdrop on them, but he is noticed by Herculo by the shadow he was casting on the tent. The strong-man charges Superman, being flipped on his back for his trouble. The noise brings Jenkins over to see what was causing all the commotion. On seeing Superman and his strongman engaged in a scuffle, the circus' owner is thrilled. He decides to make him part of the act tonight, to which Superman readily agrees. The audience is given a surprise for the next act: Superman and Herculo in a contest of strength! Herculo puts forth his fiercest moves, but the Man of Steel takes it all in stride. It soon becomes obvious that Superman is the stronger of the two. Not content to leave yet, Superman decides to give the crowd a show in acrobatics and aerial feats.

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