Don't Miss ... "The Killing Ground!"

Star Spangled War Stories #134 - September 1967 Issue - DC Comics

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"The Killing Ground" by Robert Kanigher and Neal Adams

An issue that very much resembles the movie Godzilla vs The Sea Monster sees soldiers fighting giant monsters on a remote island. - DC Comics


Initially, Star Spangled War Stories was a retitling of Star-Spangled Comics, and continued the numbering of its predecessor with #131. That lasted until #133, when DC rebooted the numbering with issue #3 — even though there had already been three issues before that. The end result was that there are two separate comics numbered as Star Spangled War Stories #132 — one issued in 1952 and one issued in 1967. "The War that Time Forgot" was an ongoing feature introduced by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru in issue #90 (May 1960). The Unknown Soldier became the lead feature in #151 (June–July 1970).

Star-Spangled War Stories ran for over 200 issues from 1952 to 1977. The series ended with issue #204. With #205, the numbering resumed under the title of The Unknown Soldier.


House of Secrets #34, July 1960 Issue - DC Comics

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