Startling Stories (June 1943 Edition) Wings of Icarus

Startling Stories (June 1943 Edition) Wings of Icarus

(Ray Cummings; Stanley G. Weinbaum; Frank Belknap Long; Raymond Z. Gallun; Thorne Lee)
Published by Better Publications, NY Vol. 9, No. 3.[Edited by Oscar J. Friend.] Cover by Bergey for "Wings of Icarus" (novel) by Ray Cummings. Includes "The Ideal" ("Hall of Fame Classic") by Stanley G. Weinbaum; "Son of His Father" by Frank Belknap Long; "Ghost Planet" by Thorne Lee. Features: "The Ether Vibrates"; "Thrills in Science" by Oscar J. Friend; "This Starling War"; "The Rocket's Red Glare" by Carter Sprague (Sam Merwin, Jr.); "Meet the Author" highlights Cummings; "Review of the Fan Publications" by Sergeant Saturn. Illustrated by Marchioni, Paul, Virgil Finlay.

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