It's KISS Versus Giant Monsters From Outer Space In A Heavy Metal Smackdown

It's shaping up to be a busy July for 'The Hottest Band In The World' thanks to Dynamite Entertainment. The Comic Book incarnation of KISS will begin the month by rescuing Vampirella from a crazed cult in Los Angeles then they will take their show into outer pace to fight giant monsters who threaten to destroy the KISS Army.

Let's start with that monster battle in deep space. In KISS #9 it's Kaiju vs. the KISS Army in a metal death match orchestrated by the mysterious ship the Obayashi. Will the last of humankind destroy themselves, or can the language of music save everyone?

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Here's a preview:

In KISS / Vampirella #2 rock 'n' roll isn't for the faint of heart. Jet-lagged, on the verge of recording a new album and stuck in the strange heart of Los Angeles, KISS are now up against an army of mysterious strangers who've kidnapped their old friend. Vampirella has her own problems stuck in a crime scene full of satanists with swords. Dragging her new roadie with her on a ride packed with demons and explosions big enough to throw Vampi and her band into a collision course with KISS.

Here are all four covers for KISS / Vampirella #2:

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