The Avengers Versus The Squadron Sinister!

Script by Steve Englehart. Pencils by George Perez (first work on the Avengers). Inks by Vince Colletta. Cover by Gil Kane and John Romita. 

A landmark issue of the Avengers with one of the best covers of the bronze age! Also the first issue of the last great saga of the Steve Englehart era that sends one half of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to another world...and the other half to another time! And featuring George Perez's first artwork on the Avengers title.

Synopsis for "The Phantom Empire!" Part 1 of 7:

Now to the story...Captain America returns to Avengers Mansion seeking help in his ongoing struggle against the Brand Corporation and Roxxon Oil. However, the Avengers already have a crisis on their hands with the confirmation of Hawkeye's disappearance...and the high probability of Kang the Conqueror's involvement! So Thor and Moondragon summon Immortus to assist them in traveling back in time; while the remaining Avengers and Patsy Walker invade the Brand Corporation's Long Island facility expecting to fight a small private army...not the Squadron Supreme! Cameo appearances by the Wasp and Yellowjacket. Flashback cameos by the Falcon, Nomad, and the Red Skull to recap Cap's recent encounter with the Serpent Crown. (Notes: George Perez paid homage to Gil Kane's classic cover with his cover to Avengers (3rd series) 6. The cover should read the Avengers vs. the Squadron Supreme instead of the Squadron Sinister. The Squadron Supreme previously appeared in Avengers 86.) 

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