The Thing On The Moon!

Cover by Ron Wilson, art by Steve Ditko

Synopsis for "When Wakes the Sphinx!"

An Egyptian tells a disbelieving Westerner of the magic of the Sphinx; Alien invaders land nearby, and the Egyptians stories are confirmed when the Sphinx comes to life and chases them off. 

The Thing on the Moon, art by Don Heck; 

Earth 1970, an expedition travels to the moon looking for a place to escape overpopulation. 

It Came from Nowhere, art by Doug Wildey; 

Aliens from space wish to conquer Earth, but when they land, temperatures are too high for them and they melt into a blob-like creature.

 If Looks Could Kill!, art by Harry Anderson;

 When a beautiful woman cheats a smitten scientist out of ten thousand dollars to gamble with, he gets revenge by transforming her ageless beauty into stone.

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