David Duchovny has called on X-Files fans to stop focusing on Scully’s exit and just enjoy the season

From Screen Rant

With all this drama going down on the show, David Duchovny thinks fans should shift their focus away from Scully’s imminent exit and just try to enjoy X-Files while it lasts. Speaking to PopCulture.com, Duchovny talked about the over-blown discussion about Scully’s fate and the show’s future:

“It’s a little cart before the horse, for me. It’s like, OK, there are issues to deal with or whatever, but let’s talk about the show. Let’s not talk about hypotheticals.

To me, it’s unfortunate that’s kind of like ‘the headline’ because, to me, the headline is: We just made 10 really kick-ass episodes of television, and please enjoy and don’t mourn the death of this show quite yet.”

Duchovny may be frustrated with speculation about the show’s future, but creator Chris Carter doesn’t seem to mind it. Carter recently stoked that speculation himself by suggesting a way X-Files could continue beyond season 11 without Gillian Anderson. Carter admitted he hasn’t seriously considered the possibility of doing X-Files without Anderson. However, he then mentioned the possibility of Scully acting as an “absent center“ in a future season. Speaking on Anderson’s departure, Carter wondered aloud, “It’s the end of something, I don’t know if it’s the beginning of something new.”

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