Raw Leiba Opens Up About Erik Killmonger and Black Panther

As far back as 2011 actor Raw Leiba was in talks with the fine folks at Marvel Entertainment about playing the role of Erik Killmonger in a future film series featuring their superhero Black Panther. Raw felt so strongly about the character that he set out to make the part his own, even going so far as to dress as the character for some photographs to show just how much he actually looked like the character.

The fan response was overwhelming.

To cut to the chase, after five years of being attached to the 'Black Panther' movie the project went through of couple of directing changes before Ryan Coogler stepped in with his own casting ideas in mind.

As we all know Leiba was passed over for Michael B. Jordan, an actor Coogler had a long history with.

Since that time fandom has made it clear on just who should have received the role of the Panther's arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger.

Leiba himself, however, has remained silent about the issue up to this point. Many fans and members of the media have mistaken this silence for malice on the part of the actor.

Today the actor and producer has taken some time out of busy schedule to have a conversation and set the record straight.

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