A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for a spin-off movie

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Star Wars: Frank Oz discusses possibility of a Yoda live-action film

...Oz pleads ignorance on Lucasfilm’s plans but discusses his thoughts on the possible movie.

It won’t be a puppet. Believe me. That’s way too difficult for me. I rehearse a long time just to do one line of dialogue as a puppeteer. It would have to be CGI.

Even though the puppet variation is vintage Yoda and my favorite, I’m down for the return of the CGI version. In fact, the prequel Yoda was done flawlessly and seeing a younger version of the Jedi Master would be loads of fun.

For years, even the homeworld of Yoda’s been kept under wraps, but I’m okay letting the secret out of the bag. More Star Wars and more Yoda is a positive thing. Plus, it may be a fun way to introduce other storylines from a galaxy far, far away; a period currently untapped within the Star Wars canon.

When Yoda is teaching Luke in The Last Jedi on failure, he’s no doubt talking from personal experience. Seeing Yoda fail as a young Jedi would add even more layers to an already complex galaxy.


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