Support For "Sci-Fi Saturday" On MeTV Is Overwhelming: So Starts The Revolution

Yesterday morning I woke up with the idea for a new Sci-Fi programming format for the cable network MeTV called "Sci-Fi Saturday". To put it simply the concept revolved around shifting the network's fantasy and superhero shows from the wee hours of the night to Saturday afternoon where all good people like myself could enjoy them. Believing my idea to be divinely inspired I fired up my laptop and rambled out a few paragraphs explaining what I believed that The Almighty had passed down to me.

Here is that article: MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night Should Become "Sci-Fi Saturday"

As I normally do, I shared my little article with my followers on Twitter, Pinterest and the like with a decent amount of fanfare. It wasn't until I shared the post on the Svengoolie Facebook Group that things took off in a big way.

Here are the results:
1866 views (and counting)

Now I understand that in the universe of modern social media those numbers a very tame in comparison to what a nude selfie of Kim Kardashian can generate, but I'll take them. (The junk I post normally doesn't generate that kind of interest, which makes it hard sometimes to resist the temptation of starting a site about nude selfies)

The fans have spoken:

I could spend all morning singing my own praises, but it isn't about me, it's about quality sci-fi programming and you the fans!

John Weinbrenner: I would like Saturday morning cartoons, Saturday afternoon Creature Features leading up to Svengoolie

Lynn Cal: There are enough western shows on channels GRIT-TV and GET-TV all week, SCI-FI Saturday is a FABULOUS idea !!!

Stephen M. Grow: I agree. There are so many sci fi and adventure shows from the '70s, '80s and '90s from syndication that haven't seen the backside of a tv tube since they first aired and some may never be seen on a dvd. That's a crime.

Paul Kellogg: I love the idea! Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation series could be good for an alt for the Sat Am slots; Stingray, Thunderbirds, Joe 90. BBCA probably has a lock on Dr. WHo, but it'd be fun to see the old Doctors. Another American series could be Quinn Martin's "The Invaders". How about Patrick MaGoohan's "The Prisoner" for the midnight slot?

Phillip Marlowe: I've always hated the westerns.
MeTV needs cartoons on Saturday morning and sci-fi the rest of Saturday!

Timothy Benedict: I agree, Start Sci-fi Saturday at Noon til Midnight.

Harry Moore: Retro Saturday Morning cartoons is a no brainer, something tells me there is a bigger licensing reason this has not happened. I love Sci-fi and the Westerns, so if I was program director I would do Sci-fi Saturday and Western Sunday.

Albert DeGeeter: This idea put into action would make me watch the channel more. Totally! And if Sunday afternoons had a 4hr block of classic comedy movies, that would be cool too.

Jason M Corl: If they loaded it with the classics from the 60's, 70's and 80' I would stay up 24hrs to watch it all!

Pamela Kerti: My problem that that put all of my favorite shows on too late at night and they removed the honeymooners on Sunday night.Now Svengoolie is the only thing I watch on metv

That's just a small sample of the results that the post generated.

To be fair there were a lot of people who expressed that the really liked the classic westerns that the network presently airs on Saturday afternoons and yet others that felt that airing classic sci-fi shows late at night was just fine with them.

Saturday Morning is alive and well in the hearts of fans:

If people thought airing sci-fi shows in the afternoon was a good idea, then my plan to air classic cartoons on Saturday morning was a even better one. No matter how people thought about the sci-fi vs westerns debate, it was just about unanimous in favor of the cartoons. Let's face it, many of us grew up with cartoons on Saturday morning and the day networks abandoned them part of our childhood died right along with them. If any of this ever bears any fruit, I'm sure it will be the cartoons that get added to the schedule.

Of the shows that were proposed as possible additions to "Sci-Fi Saturday" many people expressed the most interest in "Buck Rogers", "The Invaders", "Space 1999", "Thunderbirds", "Babylon 5" and classic "Doctor Who". You won't get any arguments from me on any of those shows.

The question now is ... well ... what now? If we really want to see a change in programming over at MeTV then we need to let our voice be heard. I suggest sharing my original post on social media, posting on the MeTV Facebook page and contacting the network directly via email.

It is very obvious that the network believes that there is little to no interest in these shows or else they wouldn't have slotted them so late at night. Let's let them know that this is simply not true.


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