The Flash...Defeated by Gorilla Grodd?!?

From DC Comics

For the past three months, Central City has been under siege by Gorilla Grodd as he’s wreaked havoc with Barry’s powers, briefly stolen the Speed Force for himself and used his telepathic powers to turn the Flash’s allies against him. But the Scarlet Speedster has prevailed through all of it.

So, for the former leader of Gorilla City, it’s time to take things into his own hands.

As Wally West, Kid Flash, Avery Ho, Godspeed and Meena Dhawan all work to save the people of Central City from the destructive Speed Force storm that Grodd unleashed, Barry finds himself going fist to fist with Grodd himself. With little to lose other than his biggest nemesis, Grodd has no reason to pull his punches…and he doesn’t. In fact, in our exclusive preview of THE FLASH #44, it sure seems like victory is Grodd’s. Issue #44 is the conclusion of the epic “Perfect Storm” storyline…but is it also the end of the Flash?

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