Things That Go Bump In The Night The Slave Woman Of Highway One

Travelers of Highway One in Louisiana, which traverses the rural woodland areas between Baton Rouge and Shreveport, should be on the lookout for a ghostly apparition that haunts the the area.

The ghost of what witnesses describe as a black woman in 'slave era' clothing has been seen alongside or near the road between Lettsworth and Simmesport. The woman is dressed in a tan or peach colored blouse, a long white skirt and a traditional head wrap. She has no facial features and seems to have no feet. On many occasions the spirit appears to move toward the road waving her arms. Anyone who stops or looks back for the woman in their rear view mirror will discover that she is nowhere to be found. The apparition simply vanishes.

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Other haunted locations nearby:

Myrtles Plantation - A crying woman and a vengeful slave are both said to haunt this plantation.

Ghostly Hitchhiker (Port Barre) n the town of Washington Louisiana, I was driving to my uncle’s home and it was at night. I forget the time of night. I was driving and I remember the hard turn in the road… my windows were rolled down and the next thing I know, I noticed a ghostly lady in my passenger seat just sitting there as if she belonged. I was so scared and shocked I jumped out of my moving car and went into the open field and just sat in shock. This all happened in a location on hwy 103 .. about 2 or 3 miles east of highway 49, you cant miss it. Its a cross planted in the ground on the side of the road its a hard curve in the road location. I know of another person who had this experience and one person who heard about it from others … never have I been so scared. - Kreg J

Rosedown Plantation - Completed in 1835, this house is said to be haunted by some of the original Turnbull family members. Witness describe ghostly pranks, such as turning the lights on and off and moving furniture. He is believed to be William, the eldest Turnbull son.

Nicholson Home (Washington) - Thought to be over 250 years old, the building was once used as a Civil War hospital. It is haunted by a ghost called Hoppy or Peg-Leg, seen wearing soldier’s clothing, a peg-leg, and a gold earring in his left ear. Legend has it that Hoppy was a pirate who was captured and turned traitor to his fellows. He lost his leg in battle and eventually died of gangrene. In addition to seeing his apparition, witnesses have reported hearing his footsteps, including the tapping of his peg-leg, at around sunset.