She's Big! She's Beautiful! She's Atop The Empire State Building!

Eerie #81 February 1977 Warren Magazines Grade NM

Cover art by Frank Frazetta

Stories in this issue include: Goodbye, Bambi Boone by Cary Bates, Carmine Infantino, and Dick Giordano; Taking of Queen Bovine by Gerry Boudreau and Ramon Torrents; The Bride of Congo by Bill DuBay, Carmine Infantino, and Gonzalo Mayo; You're a Big Girl Now by Bruce Jones and Richard Corben (in color); Starchild by Louise Jones, David Micheline, and Jose Ortiz; The Giant Ape Suit by Roger McKenzie and Luis Bermego; and Golden Girl by Nicola Cuti and Leopold Sanchez. Each story fits the cover theme of a giant girl atop the Empire State Building. Includes fan letter by comic book humorist Fred Hembeck.


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