Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Photos From Brett Piper's "Muckman"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

You know that we love a good 'creature feature' here at Monster Island News, and it looks like Brett Piper is cooking up a doosy over at Cinegraphicord called, "Muckman" (not to be confused with the animated series "Duckman").

Not much is known about the film at this point, but from the looks of the photos that Avery Guerra was able to secure for us, it looks a lot like a film in the vein of "Swamp Thing." In fact, the "Muckman" looks a lot like a cross between "Predator", "Swamp Thing" and the Dalek-Human-Hybrid from the "Doctor Who" episode "Daleks in Manhattan". In fact it looks a lot like the Dalek Human......except with fangs.

The film stars A.J. Khan (Zane's Sex Chronicles), Alison Whitney (Hooking Up), Danielle Donahue (WildCat) and Steve Diasparra in his first feature film.

Here is the plot of the "Muckman" movie, and to say it's brief is an understatement:

A TV documentary crew searches the woods for a fabled creature.

Like I said, not much there, however from the photos below, it can be assumed that "Muckman" will be a creature filled romp, which always gets ya extra points here at MIN:

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  1. You can find out more about this film at http://www.fearzone.com/category/muckman or on http://www.brettpiper.com .

    Yes it is a swamp-monster movie with beautiful women in the classic monster movie tradition!

    Oh, and this is my 2nd film. HALLOWEENIGHT comes out this October. ;)

    Steve D.