"TOKUSATSU--Special Effects Museum"

A new exhibit on tokusatsu miniatures is opening in Tokyo on July 10. The Daily Yomiuri reported:
For decades, children have been enthralled by science fiction and superhero films and TV series, such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera and Chikyu Boeigun (Global defense force), which are produced using "tokusatsu," a Japanese special effect that involves filming miniatures. 
This technique will be showcased in the exhibition, TOKUSATSU--Special Effects Museum, which will open Tuesday in Tokyo. 
Hideaki Anno, 52, who directed the anime series Evangelion, is the exhibition's curator. 
Anno took up this role because he loved tokusatsu movies as a child. Before his professional debut, he directed and acted in the amateur film Kaettekita Ultraman (Ultraman Returns). He wanted to create the exhibition to draw attention to tokusatsu, which is suffering due to the popularity of more advanced methods of filming special effects. 
"Tokusatsu is being replaced by computer graphics, which means the filming technique using miniatures is in decline," Anno said. 
His concern is backed by the loss and destruction of miniatures that were made for older films and TV series. 
"The miniatures are only used when the movies and TV series are filmed." Anno said. "So they are not repaired when they break, and some are simply thrown away." 
He created the exhibition based on his fear that it could be the last opportunity to collect a vast array of miniatures. 
The exhibit features about 500 items used in the filming of tokusatsu movies and TV series that had a huge influence on Anno. 
"TOKUSATSU--Special Effects Museum"runs from July 10 through Oct. 8 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in Koto Ward. Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Closed July 9, 17, 23, and 30; Aug. 6 and 27; and Sept. 3, 10 and 18. 
Admission: 1,400 yen for adults, 900 yen for middle and high school students, 400 yen for primary school students and free for younger children.
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