Star Wars Episode 7: Who is the Jedi Luke Skywalker is Training?

As always, there could be possible Star Wars Episode 7 SPOILERS below, enter at your own risk.

From Movie Pilot

Luke Skywalker has been at the center of many of the recent Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens rumors including a recent one that we might see the actor Robert Boulter play a young Luke Skywalker in one of the rumored flashback sequences in the movie. While the idea of a flashback in a Star Wars movie still strikes many as somewhat blasphemous for one reason or another, it's looking pretty likely that we'll get at least one.

There's no conformation that Robert Boulter is in Star Wars Episode 7 in any kind of role but if you squint just right he does resemble a young Mark Hamill. We do however have confirmation that Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher's 21 year old daughter, is in the movie and playing a young Princess Leia, complete with those hair buns and everything if the Daily Mail is to be believed. And who would ever doubt the Daily Mail?

The two actors could probably pass for being relatively the same age if the flashback for both of these characters is taking place at the same time, which would make some sense. One flashback to cover all the necessary information we need would seem more prudent than multiple flashbacks throughout the movie.


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