Gamera The Brave Comes To DVD December 30th!

Written By: Avery Guerra

On December 30th 2008, Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock will release "Gamera the Brave" here in the US & Canada (That'd be Region 1) on DVD. The DVD will be dual-language (English and Japanese audio with English subtitles) and will be a 2 DISC SET! Extra features are not known at this time but it's likely that trailers, some behind the scenes stuff, and maybe an audio commentary will be included. It's available for Pre-Order on Amazon so get while you can! I know what I'm getting for Christmas!


  1. Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the update on this. I've been skeptical about this entry since learning that it was essentially a return to the "friend of all children" formula with only a nod to Shusuke Keneko's excellent Gamera trilogy. My local video store usually gets at least one copy of these films when they're released, so I'll definitely be looking to rent it come December.

    The enemy monster looks like one of the most amazing creatures ever to be brought to life through suitmation. And for that alone I've been trying to find a way to see "Gamera: The Brave".

    And even though I definitely don't like the approach the film took with Toto/Gamera I'm willing to keep an open mind about it. After all, I was expecting to hate Godzilla: Final Wars when I first saw it and it ended up being one of my favorite entries!

  2. Gamera The Brave is really a great "kids" movie. It is geared towards children and it should be viewed with that in mind.

    We know the best Gamera films were made in the 90s'.

    I got a copy of this one a couple of years ago on VCD. I enjoy watching it....

    However if I'm in the mood for a Gamera flick, I normally go for "Guardian of the Universe."

  3. It was an enjoyable movie. Although geared to kids, it isn't sappy to make adults cringe.


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