Rare Video - Haruo Nakajima Puts On The Godzilla Suite One Last Time For Magazine Shoot

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Jet Jagga / Youtube

I am always fascinated by the stuff that finds its way onto Youtube. Every time I log on, there is always some cool stuff that the site suggests for me to watch, based on my history of viewing videos. This normally includes an almost daily update by a young lady with big boobs who reviews movies. Amazingly she manages to keep on the most skimpiest outfits that just barely cover her chest. ......wait......what were we talking about? Oh, yes...Youtube videos. Anyway, some of the stuff is cool and some of it is junk.

Well today there was a real gem in my suggested video list.

Youtube subscriber JetJagga posted a wonderful clip of famed Japanese monster suite actor Haruo Nakajima doning a Godzilla costume for the last time for a magazine photo shoot. According to Jagga the shoot happened in 1983 for the magazine Uchusen.

In the clip Nakajima can be seen stomping about, posing with a plastic Godzilla figure and a copy of the magazine and removing the suite.

The quality is fairly good, although there is no sound. Overall it is a great piece of Japanese monster history, that without Youtube, many fans may have never seen.

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