Turning A Unique Hobby And A love For Caddyshack Into A Bigfoot Movie Series

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: David Carriere / Avery Guerra

If your like me, you've probably never heard of 'Geocaching', an underground hobby started by a bunch of techno-nerds who use GPS technology to search for 'treasure' left by other techno-nerds in remote areas. It's kinda like 21st century re gifting, to make a long story short.

Well film maker David Carriere is an avid 'Geocacher' who decided to combine his hobby with a love for the 80s comedy classic "Caddyshack" and the 70s sci fi television series "The Six Million Dollar Man" into a series of Bigfoot movies. Don't worry, it all will make sense in a minute.......I think.

Presently Carriere is working on the second of three "Trailer Park Geocachers Meet Bigfoot" films. The first of which was produced way back in 2005.

I think it best if I let the director explain a little more about 'Geocaching' and how it relates to his Bigfoot film,"Geocaching is best described as using 2 billion dollars worth of US military hardware to look for Tupperware in the woods. You use these GPS units and the free GPS Satellite system to look for containers people stash in the wood via the website http://www.geocaching.com/. You find these things, they have trinkets in them and a paper log that you sign. You take one trinket and leave another, so the contents of the caches change constantly. The inspiration for the film was that geeocaching takes you deep in the woods, places people seldom tread so the chances of running into Bigfoot are high. In the film the Bigfoot is a cyborg (bionic actually) because when I was a kid the 6 Million Dollar Man was a cool show and it had a Bigfoot on it."

Oh yeh, I remember those episodes. I loved it when good old Sasquatch whipped the crap outta that Lee Majors guy.

Carriere goes on, "In one episode of the show, the Bigfoot gets it's arm ripped off, and you see wires and stuff so I recreated that in the film. I actually have a geocache out there (a container) that looks like a giant Bigfoot arm, all hairy and stuff, so that is a cross over aspect of the film.

Other inspirations are just stuff I do every day. I make bullwhips, so there's a bullwhip scene in the film (I'm a member of the AU Plaiter's guild). I was a rock musician in a former life so I write the music for the film. Mostly Eddie Van Halen riffs. I'm a computer guy and sci fi geek so the other inspirations are simply "How do they do that Beam-up effect in Star Trek?" so I added a beam-up scene. Same goes fore the Predator effect and the rest of it. Just homage stuff."

Let's see, Bionic Bigfoot, Van Halen, Star Trek and Predator.....has this guy been going through my DVD and CD collection? I have to admit that I find these aspects of the film intriguing.

Let's not interrupt the director, he is about to tell us about his latest film, "The second film has lots of Bazooka blasts, explosions, fire and match-moving shots, something I just learned how to do last year (think hand-held shots of CGI Transformers staying where they are supposed to in the frame). And a homage to Caddyshack with a bunch of gopher stuff.

The actors in the film are guys I geo-cache with. On the geocaching website no one used their real names, so we just use the user names we have on the site, Zartimus, Tripper, Grizzlyg etc.

Part 2 is a 2 parter ending on a cliffhanger (literally) and Part 3 is all mapped out. I'm anxious to start that one. The focus of that flick will be a World War 2 Sherman tank we steal out of the Canadian war museum to go hunt Bigfoot with.. I've proofed the CGI shots with a 1/24 RC scale model and it's gonna work great!"

Hey, don't knock Carriere for using locals as actors. It worked great for Charles B. Pierce in "The Legend of Boggy Creek."

Okay, now he's added the cool gopher from "Caddyshack" and a Sherman tank, one of my personal favorites. All us boys just love artillery, don't we?

Carriere was kind enough to send us some production photos from "Trailer Park Geocachers Meet Bigfoot 2". There are, of course, photos of the bionic Bigfoot, Bill Murray's least favorite gopher, and a UFO, which I don't know how it fits into the whole mix, but I'm sure we will find out about that soon enough.

Oh, and also the trailer from the first film for reference purposes:


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