'She Rex' Chases Cave Girl Cleavage For Your Dino-Christmas Delight!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Last October I announced that hyper-active film maker, Brett Kelly, was at it again, working on the dinosaur encrusted comedy "She-Rex". True to form, that film is already in the can, and for sale on Amazon, just in time for Christmas.

"She-Rex" is a very 'old-school' slapstick comedy, very much in the vein of the old Abbott & Costello and Ritz Bros films of the 30s and 40s........except with curvy cave girls and dinosaurs.

Kelly may catch some flack for his use of puppets, and stock footage, for his dinosaurs, and for producing a prehistoric comedy while the taste of "Land of the Lost" is still in peoples mouths, but we will cut him some slack.

You have to understand that Kelly really is a retro kind of guy, finding inspiration for his films in obscure old comics and the like. So, a modern take on the out-dated art of slapstick, is right up his alley.

Kelly is, of course, no fool, and his choice of filming his buxom cave girls from an elevated vantage point is a stroke in the films favour.

It is only obvious that Kelly enjoyed the tribal dances of the Amazons from "Xena" as much as I did.

This fact is more than obvious in the films trailer:

Cave girl cleavage, dinosaurs, and redone Ritz Bros skits. I'm sure that If you are a fan of any of that stuff, or the Ringo Star classic, "Caveman", you will want to get your mitts on "She-Rex".

I'm certain that the never resting Kelly has moved on to yet another film project....or projects. Odds are, I will have more on those very soon.

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