Kiss And Van Halen Provide The Wolfman's Howl

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Coventry Telegraph

Vocalist and bass player, Gene Simmons, as made a mountain of money, and scored more tail than any of us could ever dream of, portraying his alter ego, the "Demon", as a member of the classic rock band "Kiss".

Likewise, David Lee Roth, has made a ton of money, and scored his own fair share of 'lovin', being.....well......."Diamond Dave" of Van Halen fame.

You may be wondering, what in the hell, these two classic rockers from my generation have to do with the upcoming remake of "The Wofman?"

Wait, I'll tell you.

When director Joe Johnston was looking for just the right sound for the Wolfman's signature 'howl', he knew just where to go........classic hard rock.

Actually, the idea didn't come to the film maker right away. First there were opera singers and animal impersonators. All of which, left the production team, very unimpressed.

Their sounds where, well a bit too cliche. Johnston know he needed something different, so near the end of the process Simmons and Roth were brought in to give it their best shot.

"We didn't get a lot from our research in what's been done before. We were looking for this great pure tone, we knew we were going to process it and overlay elements but we wanted that great foundation, Johnston remarked.

"We tried Gene Simmons and one of Gene Simmons' howls is in the movie. I don't think Gene Simmons would recognise it, but it's in there. We had David Lee Roth come in and do a few howls.

"It was great. These guys, they're not only singers - they're comedians. Hilarious sessions. You can imagine Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth in there howling with the picture on the screen. And they would do it, crack a few jokes, and try it again."

"Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth were pretty near the end of the process. By then we knew what we were looking for, we were homing in on it. And their stuff became the most useful stuff that we did."

"I don't think they would recognise it after what we've done to it because we've digitally processed it and added cool overtones and all that stuff."

"We were basically just looking for a wolf howl you'd never heard before. What we realised is that everybody in the audience knows what a wolfman sounds like. Even if it's from their imagination, it's all pretty much the same thing. "

"We just wanted our howl to be the best version of that howl. And I think we've come up with something that's definitely spine-tingling, and at the same time it's familiar enough that the audience is going to recognise it - it's what they expect, with enhancements."

Having his voice used as one of the vocalizations for "The Wolfman" should come as a great honor to Simmons, who has been a life-long horror and monster movie fan.

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