Raw Leiba To Be In Conan, Possibly Hercules, Luke Cage or Black Panther

Written: Ken Hulsey
Source: Anonymous

Let me tell you that the casting of actor Raw Leiba in the upcoming "Conan" movie has been a real up-and-down, on-and-off affair. If I were writing this article yesterday, I would be reporting that Leiba was definitely out of the movie. In fact just this morning he contacted the production to tell them that he would have to pass up on the part of Ukafa because of two prior commitments.

Well, things in the entertainment industry can change quickly, sometimes within a few hours.

Now, I can report that Leiba will probably be in the "Conan" movie after all, though not as Ukafa, as first reported. Sources are indicating that he may play a yet unnamed character, who will appear at the very end of the film, as a set-up for a sequel.

The film makers behind "Conan" really wanted Leiba at all costs, in fact his holdout actually caused the production to halted. They even went as far as to bring in screenwriter Sean Hood to rewrite two endings for "Conan", one with Leiba's Ukafa character, and another without him.

The reason for the two endings....well that has a lot to do with weight, and athletic ability. You see if Leiba was going to play Ukafa, there was to be a very dramatic sword battle at the end. Now, that in all likelihood, the 350lb, Bob Sapp, will get the part, so he, due to his size, won't be called upon for many action shots.

That's not a knock on Sapp by any means, its just designing a character around an actor's abilities.

Filming for the finale of "Conan", now with Raw Leiba, is presently penciled in for May. Between the filming of the actor's other two movies.

In a related note, the same film makers are also considering Leiba for "Hercules", only if the actor couldn't appear in "Conan", and the starring role of either "Luke Cage" or "Black Panther."

Remember you heard it here first.

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