Hot Off The Press! Page 77 Of Todd Tennant's "Godzilla 1994" Online Comic

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Todd Tennant
From: Godzilla 2012

Last week I posted some great new artwork from Todd Tennant's "Godzilla 94" online comic, based on Tristar's unused script by Rossio and Elliott, and the fans here, and over at the Facebook group, went gaga.

I mean, they really liked it! Both Todd and I were swamped with e-mails and posts filled with appreciation and praise, along with others wanting to know more about the project.

Todd was more than a little thankful.

Thanks to all the positive response, he has opted to bless us with the newest page from "Godzilla 94", electing to have it premiere here, even before it is added to the "Godzilla 94" website.

If you recall, I mentioned that there was a possibility that Blue Water Comics may be able to publish Todd's "G94" work in graphic novel form. Though I am sworn to secrecy at this point, I will mention that there are 'things' happening on that front, but I can't be specific.

Just keep hoping and praying that things work out. Todd appreciates all the support!

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