A New Promo Video For 'Grave Robbers From Outer Space'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Christopher Kahler

It has been just over a year since I first wrote about film maker Christopher Kahler's remake of the Ed Wood classic (?) "Plan 9 From Outer Space." At that time I was questioning Kahler's sanity at making a modern redo of what is, arguably, one of the

worst films ever produced.

Of course, Kahler is not the only director working on a remake of the Wood's sci fi/horror stew, John Johnson, should be ready to debut his "Plan 9" any time now.

Yes, a year ago I questioned their sanity. Today, I say...."hey go for it!" "Why not?" The world could always use a good dose of camp, and how things are going these days, a good laugh or two.

If there was ever a time for a "Plan 9" remake, or two, it would be now.

Now, Kahler's take on redoing "Plan 9" is very straight-forward, stay close to Ed Wood's original as much as possible, but also expand on it in ways that the cult film maker never got a chance to.
The director explains, "There's actually 9 different story lines in our version that intersect throughout the movie and I've been told the script, 'reads more like a Stephen King novel than a 50s Z sci fi movie'. (With the new promo clip) I just wanted to show some of the comparisons between the original and ours for the similarities and differences. I wanted to really stress we haven't strayed away from the original premise even though we've updated a lot."

"The video clip has gotten the ball rolling once again and people really seem to be appreciating that we are sticking closer to the original film without goofing on it. The feedback has been amazing so far and quite humbling to say the least."

Recently the film maker got another rather impressive endorsement for his film, "The executor of Wood's estate personally told me he loves it, which is a huge boost so I think we're definitely on the right track with it."

Indeed, if Wood's people are on board, the rest of us should be as well.

Presently the production has run into a little money trouble, so Kahler has set up an account at Kickstarter, and produced a promotional video to help raise the needed cabbage to keep things rolling.

Here is the clip:

And here is where to donate - KICKSTARTER

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