Godzilla Invades The Indie Rock Scene - "Lizard Song" By VIA AUDIO

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Spinner.com

I have often said that Godzilla, and his Japanese monster counterparts, have influenced pop culture on a world-wide scale in a way that most people don't even realize.

Now, the indie rock band Via Audio have been inspired by the monsters story enough to compose a song about it entitled "Lizard Song".

Via Audio's Thomas Deis explains, "This song is about Godzilla, and the karmic implications of his story. One theory about how he came to be what he is was that human nuclear weapons testing mutated him. Humans get what they deserve. You better run, too."

As you can tell from the photo I've included with this article, Godzilla has always been able to 'rock out' with the best of them. From what I understand, the monster has always been able to play a mean riff on the guitar.

He also seems to be a big hit with the ladies!

Here is a little background on Via Audio from Wikipedia:

Via Audio is an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York. Their first full-length album Say Something, was released in 2007 by Sidecho Records, to glowing reviews from prominent independent music publications such as Pitchfork Media, Alternative Press, Spin Magazine, & Tiny Mix Tapes. The band met while attending college at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, later moving to Brooklyn, New York.

Here is the video for the Godzilla inspired "Lizard Song":

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