Minneapolis Filmmakers Carve A Slice Out Of Halloween With A Horror Double Feature

Source: Rachel Grubb / Press Release

Hey, didn't I just mention a horror movie double-feature, in Minnesota, that starred Rachel Grubb, scheduled for Halloween, just a minute ago?

I'm certain that I did ....... It looks like the “Land of 10000 Lakes,” is going to be the 'it' spot this Halloween for horror movie lovers!

Here is a copy of the press release that Rachel just sent me:

With Halloween just around the corner, skin-crawling horror flicks are just what the psychotic doctor ordered. A pair of Twin Cities filmmakers are filling the prescription with a terrifying double feature: Grinning Faces, followed by an extended version of local fan favorite, The City.

“Grinning Faces mashes together sex, violence and storytelling to create a trippy experience,” explains first-time director Noah Tilsen.

“We follow a confused man as he is manipulated down a path of debauched love. As he transforms into something worse, the people in his wake are left in terrible shape.”

James Vogel’s cinematic offering – The City — follows an aspiring screenwriter on a quest for his muse. But when a psychotic killer takes him under his wing, sweet inspiration turns to foul murder.

This will be the second showing of The City — but this time, the film features an alternate ending, along with extended scenes and other spooky extras.

“It’s like The Lord of the Rings: Special Edition — only more awesome,” says Vogel, adding, “The new additions are sure to please.”

Grinning Faces Cast Information

Danny August Mason takes the lead in this intense 30-minute short. In addition to appearing in numerous films and commercials, Danny is a well-known lecturer of the paranormal. B-Movie horror goddess Rachel Grubb plays the love interest. Her onscreen credits include Strip Club Slasher, Terror Overload and Camp Kill. Local actor and casting director Matthew Feeney plays the mentor role. Feeney’s credits include Faux and Phasma Ex Machina.

The City Cast Information

Ezra Stead and Greg Hernandez star in and co-wrote the film along with director James Vogel. Both are primarily known for their stage work: Stead is a four-time National Poetry Slam team member from Minneapolis, as well as an emcee for the hip-hop group Matching Wits, while Hernandez is a local stand-up comedian currently producing and starring in the "Yeah No Sketch Show" at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. Hernandez has also starred in numerous independent films, one of which, Winter Lilacs, premiered at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival.

The City co-stars Matthew Feeney and Sasha Andreev (Phasma Ex Machina), Paul von Stoetzel (director of SNUFF, SCRAP, and Dinner Date), and features special appearances by horror film stars Nicole Kruex, Scarlet Salem, and Landyn Banx (Terror Overload).


The double feature plays on October 28th at 9:30 pm at the Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis. $3 tickets or free admission for those in costume. Mature audiences only.

So many choices for only one night, hopefully horror movie fans in Minnesota won't be torn in two trying to decide which event to go to.

You get it? "torn in two" ........ "horror movies" .......... a .....well that was supposed to be a joke.

Never mind.

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