Mr. Lobo Hams It Up On The Set Of PLAN 9

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Photos By: Dixie Dellamorto

I ask you, what could be scarier than a horror host with an axe?

Well ..... probably a lot of things, but America's number one horror host took full advantage of some free tine on the set of "Plan 9" to ham it up in front of the camera.

What? ...... no not Elvira? Why would you think this was about her?

No, I'm talking about Mr. Lobo from the nationally televised late-night horror movie showcase "Cinema Insomnia", who plays a major role in the remake of the Ed Wood classic (?) "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

Yes, as I mentioned last week, John Johnson of Darkstone Entertainment is knee-deep in working on the film which also stars Brian Krause, Matthew Ewald, James Rolfe, Caitlin Hill, Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda.

As for Lobo, well he has landed the coveted role of The Amazing Criswell. Who is Criswell you may ask? Well he was a well-known psychic from the 1950s who was featured in the intro to the original "Plan 9". This time around Lobo's Criswell will do more than just introduce the film, as these photos illustrate, he will be one mean, bad-ass, zombie-killing machine.

Step aside Shaun, move to the rear Ash, Lobo's in town!

Elvira .... pfft, what does she have that Lobo doesn't? Besides those! Hmm some people prefer substance over gazongas ..... well some.

Here are the pics from the set:

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Ken,

    IMHO any remake of "Plan Nine from Outer Space" isn't going to work. Ed Wood's beloved terrible film was the result of his enthusiasm for filmmaking combined with his lack of skill for the process itself. And that isn't something that can be duplicated deliberately.


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