Written By: Lauren Ambrose
Source: BBC

Jilly Kitzinger works in public relations. She's a sleek, slick, clever PR person who works for the potentially evil corporation PhiCorp, a giant pharmaceutical company. She's always on the move, seems to always be traveling on a different airplane going to a different city.

Bill Pullman plays a death row prisoner who's about to be executed and he doesn't die, so he becomes a media star and I want him for my company. We want him – we want to use him. I find him and I convince him that he needs me. He of course doesn't need me, but I have other plans for him.

I thought the story was incredibly smart and interesting and as Russell told it to me, his plan for this season is so clever and really about something, about big ideas. My character is just fascinating, I mean, I'm wearing these incredibly fancy clothes. Every handbag matches the shoes, matches the gloves, matches the belt, so I'm wearing very fancy clothes.

I get to play a glamorous PR person. Come on, who wouldn't want to do that?

Shawna, the costumer, is amazing and I think having fun with this character. Each costume for me is more beautiful than the next and I guess Jilly Kitzinger spends her money well and at Barney's.

Russell's been around every day that we're shooting. In addition to writing, he certainly seems involved in every aspect and I love talking to him about the show. I love hearing his experience with it and he definitely lured me in because he had a reason for everything. Every detail is thought out and thought through.

This show has this massive cult following, so I'm sure it will just catch on and everyone will be watching it and talking about Torchwood. And more importantly, talking about Jilly Kitzinger and what she was wearing.

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