Horror Channel To Bring Hammer Classics To The UK In Time For Halloween

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Brutal As Hell / Ben Bussey

The Horror Channel in the UK has just acquired five classic horror films from the famed Hammer Film Productions. These new additions to the channel's library of scary features will not be sitting on the shelf, no indeed the network has queued them up in a series of Saturday features leading up to Halloween.

Is there a better way to spend your Saturday night than watching Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and a parade of sexy British damsels?

I thought not.

Here is a list of the movies with air dates courtesy of our friends at Brutal As Hell:

Scars of Dracula (1970), 1st October, 11.10pm – One of Christopher Lee’s last Dracula films, in which his reluctance to reprise the role is painfully apparent. It’s an incoherent mess, and a poor representation of the usually reliable Lee and his late director Roy Ward Baker. But it does star a young Dennis Waterman, which immediately gives it novelty value for British viewers at least.

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967), 8th October, 11.10pm – From one of Hammer’s weakest to one of their absolute best, famously one of Martin Scorcese’s favourite films. Cushing returns as the immoral genius Frankenstein, who revives a vengeful spirit in a female body. In spite of its hammy title it’s actually very smart and sophisticated, and in some respects feels like an early example of a rape revenge film.

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), 15th October, 11.10pm – Been a while since I’ve seen this one, and must admit it’s not too clear in my memory, but I do vividly recall Valerie Leon’s performance. Can’t think why…

The Plague of the Zombies (1966), 22nd October, 11.10pm - not unlike Frankenstein Created Woman, this is another of Hammer’s most socially conscious horrors, with a heavy class war subtext. It stands apart as something unique within the studio’s filmography, and a reminder of how zombies used to be before that Romero fellow showed up. You can read my full review here.

The Reptile (1966), 29th October, 11.10pm – another one I don’t remember that well, aside from the iconic image of the titular monster. I see from the press release that it was shot back to back with The Plague of the Zombies.

It should also be noted that Horror will also be airing episodes of the TV series "Hammer's House of Horror" before each movie.

Sounds like a bloody good time eh!

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