"Godzilla" (1954) In Hawaii

Need something to do to close out 2011?

If so, and you find yourself in Honolulu, Hawaii at the end of December, then go to the Doris Duke Theater to screen the original, uncut Godzilla (1954).

The screenings take place on Thursday, December 29 and Friday, December 30.

Director: Ishirô Honda
Japan, 1954, 95 mins.
In Japanese with English subtitles

Restored print! The original Japanese Godzilla, directed by sci-fi master Ishiro Honda, is considered a classic of Japanese cinema .

It was also the biggest budgeted film in Japanese history at that time and spawned 50 years of sequels, countless rip-offs, and a new genre-the kaiju eiga or Japanese monster movie. Sold to an American distributor in 1956, it was recut, rearranged, dubbed and retitled Godzilla: King of the Monsters, to the dismay of subsequent generations of Godzilla fans.

We present the Japanese version in its original glory. Don't miss this opportunity to see a 30-story Jurassic behemoth destroy an exquisitely detailed miniature Tokyo as it was meant to be seen-on the big screen!

Doris Duke Theatre
900 S. Beretania St.
Entrance on Kinau
Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: 808-532-3303

For details on the screenings, go here.

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