The Reasons Why Godzilla Is So Down Lately Explored In SAD MONSTERS

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Sad Monsters Website

It is a little known fact that monsters suffer from depression. Sure they scare the crap out of us, but do any of us really know what they are like at home, alone, or with their families?

Sure Godzilla looks like he's having fun destroying a city but what comes afterward? Once the city is set ablaze then what? A feeling of emptiness .... that's what.

The Wolfman certainly has fun at night chasing after peasant girls and ducking people trying to hunt him down but in the morning he's just boring old Larry Talbot again.

Frankenstein, same story, and when he shows up at Der Weinersnitchel everybody goes running off screaming. All he wants is a Pepsi!

Try social networking when your an 8ft-tall-Man-fish that lives in a Black Lagoon. Ya think anyone is going to listen to your thoughts on world issues when all you can do is flap your gills and make fish faces?

Dating .... well we all know how that goes. Take that cute little blond out for a night in the big city, even take her to a romantic spot on top of some building with a great view, and some jackhole calls out the Air Force on ya.

Monsters with monster size depressions.

Author Frank Lesser explores this rather depressing side of our favorite creatures in his new book "Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside". It's a humorous collection of short essays written from the monsters point of view. Some of these rather personal documentaries of what it is really like to be a monster include, "The Ordinary Spider-Man," "Igor's Resume," "Groom of Frankenstein", "The Werewolf Whisperer," "The Yeti Wears Prada," and "Questioning Godzilla's Existence".

Ever wonder how deep Godzilla's feelings are? Check out these excerpts from "Questioning Godzilla's Existence":

Barely had enough energy to rampage to the bathroom, let alone through a city, but finally rolled out of bed and destroyed Tokyo. Again. Starting to wonder, what’s the point? They’re just going to rebuild.

Son of Godzilla never calls anymore. Was I a bad parent? I guess I could have spent more time with him tossing around the old football stadium.

We all wish we could have been better fathers G ..... and we all cry a little bit when no ones around. There ... there.

Maybe these poor souls wouldn't be so down if we all just took a little extra time to get to know them instead of screaming at them, chasing them around the village with torches and pitch forks in our hands and firing missiles at them.

Maybe it's time to start caring a little? That's all I'm saying ....

If you want to find out more about "Sad Monster" check out the book's official site (HERE) or read this great interview with Frank Lesser (HERE).

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  1. It's reported Gamera's currently seeing Dr. Drew Pinsky. I don't wanna be in Toyko when he relapses!


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