The Monstrous Movie Photo Of The Day: It Begins With The Incredible ... And That's Only The Beginning!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Okay movie poster buffs today I have real treat for you! Everyone enjoys a really cheesy flick from time-to-time and MGM's (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) "Wild, Wild Planet" is considered by connoisseurs of such cinema gems as the cream of the crop. "Spaghetti Westerns" were all the rage in the late 1960's as were a handful of Italian made sci fi films such as WWP. Mix together some bad dubbing with low end special effects and several bizarre (sometimes head scratching bizarre) gimmicks and you have the recipe for cult cinema gold!

Listen to this list straight from the poster!

The Laser-Ray Girls!
The Four-Armed Strangler!
The Menacing Mutants!
The Deadly Doll-Men!
The Flesh-Fusion Experiments!
The Armada Of Spaceships!

That's a lot of hyphens!

You gotta like "Laser-Ray Girls" and "Mutants" .... and ... and lot's of model spaceships zipping around on strings right?

Once again this image is from my personal collection and like the prior two (1, 2) images I posted over the last couple of weeks, wasn't intended for public viewing but was published in movie industry trade publications to entice theater owners to run the film.

This image is printed on heavy stock paper for the back cover of a magazine. I hate the fact that the image was creased before I acquired it but I couldn't pass such a great movie advert up!

Here's your history:

Wild, Wild Planet (Italian: I Criminali della Galassia) is a 1965 Italian science fiction horror film directed by Antonio Margheriti and written by Renato Moretti and Ivan Reiner. Tony Russel stars as Commander Mike Halstead. Also featured are Lisa Gastoni, Franco Nero and Massimo Serato. The low-budget aesthetics and general cheesy vibe of the picture have made it a favorite of bad-movie fans and websites such as

The film is the second of four "Gamma I" science fiction films originally contracted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to be made for TV movies but were released theatrically instead.

- Wikipedia

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