Save Pickfair Studios! Update And Protest Info!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Today there will be a protest at Pickfair Studios. I encourage all who live in the vicinity to attend. All week I have been posting links as well as articles and even a blog article written by Kenneth Lee Hulsey and myself about the impending fate of this legendary and historically relevant movie studio. It is easy to discuss how much we all love movies, but with most things it is much harder to prove what they really mean to us. I realize we are spread all over the country as well as the world and most who would attend just cannot...but those who live in the vicinity....please, please attend! I would like to express my appreciation to all of those who signed the petition! Thank you very much! - Terri Pressley

As Terri mentioned above earlier this week I posted an article about the impending destruction of Pickfair Studios one of Hollywood's earliest and most iconic movie studios where such classics as "Some Like It Hot", "Guys and Dolls" and even "Star Wars" were filmed. Now since that time I got a chance to drive by the location, snap a couple of photographs and survey the area a bit. As it has been noted by other writers covering this story the art deco design of the structures in question are just amazing to look at and without a doubt there are many dilapidated and graffiti covered structures nearby that could and should be leveled to improve the general appeal of the neighborhood. So why level a iconic Hollywood location and historical landmark? The answer there is very simple, location, location, location, the plot of land, now known as "The Lot" is directly across the street from a modern shopping complex with a Target and a Bevmo.

Without wanting to seem like I support the idea of leveling this piece of Hollywood history I can understand CIM's desire for wanting to build another set of high end stores so close to an existing shopping complex to a point. It makes business sense. Well, at least on the outset it would seem that way. One could see that if the location was either abandoned or was not economically viable but that is not the case here at all. Pickfair Studios as it stands today is still a very active location with movie and television productions using it's numerous buildings for filming right now. On the day I stopped by people and cars were going in and out as if it was still a major Hollywood studio (as my photos will attest) and casual look through the fence revealed that indeed there is still a lot of activity going on inside those walls.

So what can be done? Well I have a simple idea that would solve this problem if CIM would listen. Turn the studio property into a museum ... or sell it to someone or some entity who wanted to do so, as well as keep it an active studio then buy up some of the run down properties across La Brea on the other side of the existing shopping complex and build there.

To expand on my thoughts. I have always wanted to open a Hollywood film museum and this would be the perfect local for such a project. The bulk of the studio could remain open for filming and selected structures could house the exhibits. Money could be generated through film projects, museum admission and a gift shop / online store.

To simple to work right?

Here is the info on a protest that will be happening today outside "The Lot":

Protest CIM at Pickfair 4/1/2012!

We are currently planning a protest at the Pickfair Lot for the morning of Sunday the 1st of April….or as the City of West Hollywood will be declaring “Kardashian Day” (NO FOOLIN!)

Meeting Place: Right off Santa Monica Blvd at Formosa where the offices are located. Say THE LOT in big letters. Allison Anders will be in attendance to lead all supporters.

Time: 1pm PST

Parking: The Target center has parking for $1.50 an hour, free with validation. There is also street parking that should be unencumbered for a Sunday


What You Can Do

*Bring video cameras and phone cameras to film the events


*Be respectful, courteous and law abiding.

What is Pickfair Day? On Friday 3/30/12 West Hollywood Daily reported the city council of West Hollywood had decreed it officially ‘Kardashian Day’ in honor of the reality TV stars opening a store in the city limits. We have decided to rename the day for something that matters: Pickfair Day. Help us trend on twitter by tweeting comments with the hashtag #PickfairDay and #PickfairDayProtest. - From

See Also: Iconic Hollywood Studio To Be Demolished Unless Fans Step In!

Kardashian Day?!!! Are you friggin kidding me! After your done protesting at Pickfair go to the street and protest that to!

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