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4 movie discount offers are newly added! Eligible items includes Takeshi Kitano's works, movies with English subtitles, and more. Don't miss this opportunity! (by haru)
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Sunset on Third Street '64 (English Sub.) out on July 20!

"ALWAYS Sanchome no Yuhi '64 (Sunset on Third Street '64)," which is the third film from "Sunset on Third Street" series directed by Takashi Yamazaki, comes out on DVD and Blu-ray . Its first film was the 2006 Japanese Academy Award-winning film depicting the everyday lives of town people at the height of Japan's post-war reconstruction period. The film f eatures English subtitles and comes with an original folding fan!

Featured Items Making-of DVD release of the mystery film "Ougon wo Daite Tobe (Fly With The Gold)" starring Satoshi Tsumabuki. Also appears Tadanobu Asano, Junpei Mizobata, Changmin (Dong Bang Shin Ki), Toshiyuki Nishida, and more...
DVD | Release:2012/10/02 | Price:2500yen (US$ 31.34) Second live action film "Nana to Kaoru" comes out on DVD. It is based on the hit comic of the same name about SM and youthful pure love written by Ryuta Amazume...
DVD | Release:2012/09/28 | Price:3800yen (US$ 47.64) First DVD release from sci-fi/live action series "Battle Fever J" includes episodes 1 through 11. A mysterious organization has left a trail of strange crimes and the only one that can stop them are the Battle Fever team! Using their battle suits, this team of five young men and women can put a stop to the crimes!
DVD | Release:2012/09/21 | Price:9800yen (US$ 122.87)

Preorder Items

New Releases Blu-ray set of three films from "ALWAYS Sanchome no Yuhi (Sunset on Third Street)" series.
Blu-ray | Release:2012/07/20 | Price:14400yen (US$ 180.54)
2012/07/25 | 3000yen (US$ 37.61)
2012/07/21 | 9800yen (US$ 122.87)
2012/07/25 | 15000yen (US$ 188.06)
2012/07/20 | 3800yen (US$ 47.64)
2012/07/21 | 3800yen (US$ 47.64)
2012/07/21 | 3800yen (US$ 47.64)
2012/07/21 | 3800yen (US$ 47.64)
2012/07/20 | 4700yen (US$ 58.93)
2012/07/21 | 4700yen (US$ 58.93)
2012/07/21 | 6800yen (US$ 85.26)
2012/07/21 | 6800yen (US$ 85.26)
2012/07/20 | 2800yen (US$ 35.11)

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