Alice Eve on her new Star Trek adventure

From The Telegraph (UK)

It’s been a long road to Hollywood, but Alice Eve never really doubted she’d get there. For as the latest recruit to Star Trek tells John Preston, there’s only one way to boldly go. And that’s up.

The first time Alice Eve was beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise things didn’t go entirely to plan. Clad in her skin-tight uniform, her thick, blonde hair freshly coiffed, she ran on to the set of JJ Abrams’ £120 million production of Star Trek Into Darkness – and promptly fell on her bottom.

‘Literally, this was the first take of the first day’s shooting’, she says. ‘It was pretty bad for me, but everyone else seemed to find it very funny.’

You might assume that this would have rather knocked the stuffing out of her – except that Alice Eve isn’t like that. If she does self-doubt, she keeps it more deeply buried than anyone else I’ve ever met.

Instead, self-possession comes off her in waves. As we sit in a club in Soho, she even manages to eat a mouthful of very gloopy hummus in a way that is as controlled as it is delicate.

The daughter of the actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, Eve knew pretty much from the moment she could walk that she wanted to be an actress.


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