Lobo’s Back in the Studio at a New Kind of Channel

Source: Cinema Insomnia

ZOM-BEE TV is a new FREE horror channel for CONNECTED TELEVISION that is currently on the affordable ROKU STREAMING PLAYER but will soon be infecting SMART TVs, GAME SYSTEMS, and SMART PHONES…

Even though the creator and host of Cinema Insomnia is still viewable on AMGTV affiliates on terrestrial TV…During the 12 years on the air the number of American who even have a standard TV in their home has dropped in half and Cable and Satellite are steadily declining. DVD sales have dropped off. For Mr. Lobo the writing seems to be on the wall…and Internet Based Streaming Television seems be a likely video successor.

“It reminds me of when UHF was new”– “It allows for all kinds of funky and creative home-grown programing and commercials.” said the extremely prolific horror host Mr. Lobo who seemed energized on set where he recorded footage for 2 and a half new episodes of his 2 hour program and around 40 or more spots for the channel and it’s new sponsors to be inserted in all the channels programs. The spots are 10-60 seconds long and will have MR. LOBO fans howling during the breaks.

“We are working with sponsors that will fit in with the lifestyles of our viewers and ones who will allow us to have fun with their products with a little “tongue in cheek” humor. These sponsors on this first wave of ads get the material and they respect the audience. Fans “get” that Mr. Lobo is a “TV guy” and sponsors make the shows possible and keep the channel free…Mr. Lobo hopes they like our sponsors products and buy them–because I really enjoyed making these commercials.” Don’t worry–Mr. Lobo will still be wrapping around the low-rent royalty free horror stuff on CINEMA INSOMNIA, but he is very excited to be presenting some newer licenced indie films–like the 2006 dark comedy CYXZORK 7 , a horror monster musical called A HARD DAYS NIGHTMARE, and VERY MISUNDERSTOOD 2013 film MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER. “Mr. Lobo is very interested in discovering overlooked films new and old.” Producer and channel visionary Dale Jackson of ZOM-BEE will be at the NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION with Mr. Lobo where they will be shooting more content for the channel. If you have a product that you would like to promote to ZOM-BEE’s 50,000 or so subscribers and would like to have Mr. Lobo as your writer and spokesperson email Dale Jackson at ZOM-BEE TV dale@zom-bee.com There is a new interface for ROKU this month–ZOM-BEE TV‘s new look and new content will be rolling out over the next few weeks also.

Maybe, Mr. Lobo can start hocking Waterbeds, Kitchen Gadgets, Chia Pets and Silm Whitman Records–UHF LIVES AGAIN!

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