Strange Lights Puzzle Residents In California And New Zealand

Strange encounters on a calm night
Sunlive (New Zealand)

One case as recently as this Thursday, of strange lights under Tauranga Harbour upstream of the harbour bridge, was caught on the weather camera and remarked on by television reporters and seen by thousands of early morning viewers.

Another boatie reports a series of strange lights in, and under the harbour, near the mouth of Hunters Creek late last week. There was no sign of a vessel near the lights.

Another astonishing case, involves an astute reader who does not wish to be named (we’ll call him Horace) who is a highly experienced local boatie and knows the harbour intimately. He spends a lot of time night fishing, shooting and floundering and was, until Tuesday night, of sound mind and judgement. Alcohol or drugs were not a factor in this incident.

Horace was in a small boat fitted with electric trolling motor, travelling NE at around five knots across shallows just on dark, about half way between Omokoroa and Matakana Island on a very still night. Showing a single, white all-round light, moving towards signs of what he thought was fish on the surface, he noticed an unlit craft approaching in the distance from the east. It had odd, white dome-shaped topsides and a tall shape in the centre, about 600-800m away. The size and shape of the white hull seemed to change periodically. Horace assumed it was a kayak or paddleboarder, although the size and distance were difficult to assess in the fading light. At times the hull seemed to disappear completely, again he assumed it was a kayak or board of some sort, turning end-on, thus appearing to change in length.


Did You See Strange Lights Over the Salinas Area?

SALINAS, Calif- Several people have contacted Central Coast News about strange lights found in the sky Wednesday night.

According to one witness the light was moving from left to right very quickly and then it started going in circles before it spiraled down to Earth. The lights were seen by people in Salinas and Watsonville.


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