Star Wars Rumour: Episode VII stage ready in six weeks?

Pinewood insider reveals that the new Star Wars 7 stage is nearing completion.

Despite rumours that 'Star Wars: Episode VII' would start filming early next year, it looks as though production is gearing up as we speak… and the new 'Star Wars' stage will be ready in just six weeks.

After hearing that the latest 'Star Wars' movie is set to start filming later this month, it looks as though that date might have to be pushed back a little… as an inside source at Pinewood Studios reveals that the new 'Star Wars' stage will be ready in six weeks.

According to a sensational report over at Jedi News, this enigmatic Pinewood insider (known only as 'Shaka') has contacted them with details of Pinewood's new build - known to us as the 'Star Wars' stage.


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