Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen: 'Godzilla remake is human-focused'

With more than 20 films under his belt since his 1954 debut, Godzilla isn't headed for retirement quite yet. The famed giant sea monster will rear his scaly head again next year in a Hollywood film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.

The last American version was in 1998, directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Matthew Broderick. At the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, Taylor-Johnson promised a Godzilla for "this generation."

"It was a bit more overwhelming. It was like, why should we do Godzilla? It's this kind of a big deal. It's been done a few times before," said Taylor-Johnson, known for his Kick Ass role. "But I spoke to – the reason was – it was [director] Gareth Edwards.

“I sat down, had a meeting with him, and we spoke for about six hours and didn't stop. It was just so intriguing, his idea and vision on it. I was like right, I'm hooked, I'm in. Yeah, let's make this new Godzilla something that this generation needs to see."

It was Olsen's first special effects-driven movie. She said that while filming, she imagined Godzilla not as a giant monster but a killer.



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